In this blog, we will tell you about ott vs IPTV and the differences. OTT stands for Over the Top Video streaming and IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television. OTT content is mainly provided by content providers or aggregators to the viewer using an open network. While the IPTV network is a closed & proprietary network accessed via a certain internet service provider.


OTT can be applied by anyone over an internet connection. Some OTT content can be provided and produced by an open ecosystem. It is the monthly cost is relatively low compared to many internet networks.

This term is used to define the content provider that allocates streaming media directly to viewers over the web, bypassing multiple platforms like telecommunication, broadcast television, and multichannel that facilitate as a controller or distributor of such content.


IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television. It is the process of communicating and broadcasting television programs through the web using Internet Protocol (IP). IPTV provides dynamic features to the user to execute the user experience compared to a traditional television transmission including radio frequency broadcast, satellite broadcast, and/or cable television. A broadband connection is used as the channel of transmission for IPTV, which is very adequate compared to earlier transmission modes.

It’s a properly structured monthly subscription-based digital TV service applicable to the user from ISPs. Also, it is not restricted to television streamed from the web. Iptv is broadly set up in a subscriber-based technology network with high-speed access channels into end-client premises.

It can also be used for media delivery around corporate and private networks. IPTV is answerable for delivering broadband internet providing a constant and well-organized CND while optimizing stream quality from external the network.

In general, IPTV transmits only the program requested by the viewer. A new stream is transmitted to the observer when the channel is changed. Traditional TV, however, broadcasts all the channels at the same time.

IPTV or OTT – Which One is Better?

So, what are the major differences between IPTV and OTT? These two services have much in common in terms of video delivery, but publishers & advertisers should know the differences in the OTT vs IPTV terms.

IPTV stores content on dedicated servers which allows viewers to request to view shows at will. Content that a watcher picks is then transformed into digital format & delivered to their playback gadget through the internet protocol. Before they reach the end users, the files will be compressed & optimized for streaming. To make this happen the customer’s TV must be able to read the signals received over the IPTV. Still, it’s necessary to remember that not all televisions can run an IPTV service off the bat as they may need external assistance, in many cases, customers may have to purchase an IPTV set-top box.


In this article, we try to share with you all the information about OTT vs IPTV. Our suggestions both are good you can choose any one. Also, purple crystal is the best OTT platform. We provide you with a one-month subscription.