It’s time for another round of new OTT releases this week, music fans will be able to stream Palm Springs. The Old Guard, and more on a variety of platforms. Check out all the exciting new music below!


“Greyhound” follows a man who unexpectedly loses his wife and daughter in a car crash, and is forced to go on the run. The film stars William H. Macy, Lily Collins, and Luke Wilson as three friends who try to help him evade authorities.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics. When it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year; some reviewers praised the performances of the trio of actors. (and even picked apart some of their dialogue), others felt that Greyhound lacked both emotional depth and tension. Nonetheless, Greyhound has been picked up for distribution by Netflix so you can watch it whenever you want!

Palm Springs

new ott releases this week: Palm Springs is a comedy starring Don Johnson and Kristin Chenoweth. It’s about the gay community in Palm Springs, California, and how they’ve been treated by society. The film stars Leslie Jordan as an author who goes to Palm Springs to research his book. On the town’s history but soon finds himself caught up in an unexpected romance with a local bartender (Don Johnson).

The movie was directed by Paul Schrader who also wrote the screenplay for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and The Last Temptation Of Christ among other films. It’s available on Netflix if you want to check it out!

The Old Guard

  • The Old Guard

In the Netflix original film, The Old Guard, directed by Jeremy Saulnier. And starring Brendan Gleeson (Star Wars: Episode VIII), Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter), and Ron Livingston (Parks and Recreation). A drama about a group of soldiers in the American Civil War.


Netflix has a new original drama coming out this week, called Avrodh. new ott releases this week The film is about a young man who works as a security guard in a mall. And has to deal with his co-workers who want him to take over their shifts. It’s based on real events that happened at an actual shopping center in Japan. So, you can expect some pretty intense scenes throughout the movie!

Netflix describes it as follows: “In this darkly comedic thriller set entirely on the second floor of an enormous Japanese department store, we follow Chihiro (Tatsuya Fujiwara). Who works as an assistant manager at Yodobashi Camera while struggling to overcome his debilitating social anxiety disorder. One day he accidentally finds himself trapped inside one of its many labyrinthine corridors—and things only get worse from there…

Gulabo Sitabo

  • It Starring Vidya Balan and is directed by Shonali Bose. This Netflix original movie is based on a short story by Rabindranath Tagore.
  • The story follows an author (Vidya) who finds herself in an unexpected situation. When she meets an old friend at a pub where they both work as bartenders.

This week will be awesome for OTT streaming, no?

  • new ott releases this week is an awesome time to binge-watch. There are a bunch of new shows and movies arriving, including:
  • The Good Doctor, starring Freddie Highmore ( Bates Motel ) as a young surgeon who has autism; and Richard Schiff ( West Wing ) as his mentor. The series will be airing on Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on ABC Network.
  • One Day at a Time returns for Season 3 with two episodes Tuesday night at 9 p..m Eastern/Pacific on Netflix! This sitcom stars Rita Moreno as grandmother Penelope Alvarez who must raise her three daughters after her husband dies unexpectedly in Mexico City while he was working there temporarily for an international corporation; she must also deal with the fact that she hasn’t spoken English since childhood so she doesn’t know how much longer she can continue living without him around anymore…or maybe if they send him back then she could make sure everything goes smoothly again because no one else wants anything bad happening now either…but wait – isn’t this lady supposed not only speak Spanish but also English? What happened?!


new ott releases this week the OTT streaming world will get a new (and very good) addition: Palm Springs, the latest film from director Jonathan Demme. The film follows an aging musician (Robert Duvall) and his estranged daughter, who have been estranged for years due to his refusal to let her go on tour. When she finally agrees to do so at his request, he soon realizes that it will be difficult for them both to reach a state of peace with each other again after so many years apart