Mirzapur Season 3 is a Crime thriller web series based on 2 families living in Mirzapur and involved in the business of guns. Mirzapur season 1 is a massive Hit as it was released on the OTT platform. The supporters of this web series must be knowing that the first two seasons have already been a blockbuster and the stars cast in both seasons have seen an increase in their fan following. The fans are waiting curiously for season 3. The first season of the Mirzapur web series was released in 2018 for viewers on amazon prime videos.

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Mirzapur Release Date

As we know that the release date of the Mirzapur web series is yet to come, and the official confirmation has to be made. But there is a rumor that it will release in February 2023. Although originally there was a whisper that the Mirzapur season 3 web series season can be released in January 2023.

Mirzapur Season 3 movie Star Cast

Many people must be searching for what will be the Mirzapur season 3-star cast. Thus, we want to announce to our readers that the majority of the star cast will be the same in the upcoming season 3 of Mirzapur. We can also expect some new actors will also feature in season 3. Down below, you can see the star cast of Mirzapur Season 3:

  • Pankaj Tripathi as Kaleen Bhaiya or Akhandanand Tripathi 
  • Rasika Duggal as Bina Tripathi
  • Vivaan Singh as Neelam Satyanand Tripathi
  • Ali Fazal as Govind Pandit or Guddu
  • Vijay Verma as Bharat Tyagi
  • Lilliput as Devdutt Tyagi or Dadda,
  • Shernavaz Jijina as Shabnam
  • Pramod Pathak as JP Yadav,
  • Anjum Sharma as Sharad Shukla
  • Shaji Chaudhary as Maqbool Khan
  • Shahnawaz Pradhan as Parshuram Gupt
  • Isha Talwar as Madhuri Yadav Tripathi,
  • Sheeba Chadda as Vasudha Pandi
  • Harshita Gaur as Dimpy Pandit
  • Rajesh Tailang as Ramakant Pandit
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The story of the Mirzapur movie

 JP Yadav as Pramod Pathak, Ramakant Pandit as Rajesh Tailang, Shiva Chaddha as Vashuda Pandit, Pandit Shahji Chowdhary, Harshita God as Dimpy as Maqbool Khan, Sharad Shukla as Anjan Sharma is seen playing important roles in the web series.

The Mirzapur web series is a crime thriller drama. This story is about 2 families living in Mirzapur, UP, and involves in the business of guns. In Mirzapur Season 3 Story, you will see the game of money, power, ambition, revenge, and hatred in the web series.

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Mirzapur Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for 3rd Season of Mirzapur will be available for viewers a few days before releasing the episodes. Now, if we talk about the exact date of the release of the Mirzapur 3 trailer, it has not been announced by the makers of the web series till now. Yet, if estimated the trailer should also be released in January only. As the trailer of the web series is released the viewers can see it on youtube or AMAZON PRIME VIDEOS.

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