A 90-day action-packed BIGG BOSS Ott Telugu has ended with women as a winner. The title went to Headstrong Woman with Genuine Heart. Even a show like Bigg Boss can be won through brave, kind, and empathic women standing for the righteous side.

Nagarjuna Akkineni hosted the OTT version of Bigg Boss Telugu, where Bindu Madhavi emerged as the winner. Akhil Sarthak, on the other hand, came in first place. Aside from the trophy, Bindu took home prize money of Rs 40 lakh. Bigg Boss Non-Stop is the first season of an Indian Telugu-language reality digital series exclusively available on Star India’s streaming service Disney+ Hotstar. Nagarjuna hosted the premiere on 26 February 2022.

A press interaction between the makers and media on 24 December 2021 announced that Bigg Boss Telugu OTT would be streaming soon and would differ from its television counterpart. 

There is a striking interplay of blue and red in the logo, with the Bigg Boss eye and the title in gray drawing the eye. Launched with the tagline ‘Non-Stop entertainment’, the OTT version promises to deliver non-stop entertainment. A teaser featuring Vennela Kishore and Murali Sharma alongside Nagarjuna was released on 15 February 2022.

Explore the concept of the digital series of Bigg Boss Non-stop 

The Streaming is live 24×7 on Disney+ Hotstar; the show’s makers plan to air an hour-long episode every night on Disney+ Hotstar. A paid subscription to Disney+ Hotstar will allow you to watch episodes through the 24 Hours Live Channel. Unlike the main series, this version wasn’t aired on TV. Bigg Boss Housemates, just like in the televised series, were constantly monitored and recorded with cameras and microphones.

Warriors vs. Challengers

Every season, the show invites new contestants from film, television, radio, and social media fraternities. On Bigg Boss Non-Stop, there will be former Bigg Boss Telugu contestants dubbed Warriors, as well as celebrities making their Bigg Boss debut as Challengers.

Raj Tarun, who came to promote the Stand Up Rahul movie, ended Challengers Vs. Warriors on that day. Now, let’s look at all the contestants.

Explore the contest of Non -stop Bigg Boss!

No. of contestantName of the contestantEntered asEntry dayEvicted dayStatus in Bigg boss 
1BinduChallengerDay 1DAY 84Winner
2AkhilWarriorDay 1DAY 841st Runner-up
3ShivaChallengerDay 1DAY 842nd Runner-Up
4AriyanaWarriorDay 1DAY 84Walked, 3rd Runner-up
5MithraawChallengerDay 1DAY 844th Runner-Up
6BhaskarWarriorDay 49DAY 845th Runner-Up
7AnilChallengerDay 1DAY 846th Runner-Up
8NatarajWarriorDay 177Evicted
9AshuWarriorDay 170Evicted
10HamidaWarriorDay 163Evicted
11AjayChallengerDay 156Evicted
12MaheshWarriorDay 149Evicted
13SravanthiChallengerDay 3147Evicted
14MumaithWarriorDay 142Evicted
15TejaswiWarriorDay 135Evicted
16ChaituChallengerDay 121Evicted
17SarayuWarriorDay 128Evicted
18ShreeChallengerDay 114Evicted

Who are the guests appearing on Bigg Boss Ott Telugu?

Many guests appeared on Bigg Boss Ott Telugu. Let’s explore:

Week 2: Day 13

  • Guest:

Raj Tarun and Varsha Bollamma

  • Purpose of visit

To promote their film Stand Up Rahul

Week 3: Day 20

  • Guest


  • Purpose of visit

To interact with housemates

Week 4: Day 27

  • Guest

Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Neha Shetty

  • Purpose of visit

To celebrate the success of their film DJ Tillu

Week 5: Day 34

  • Guest

Suma Kanakala

  • Purpose of visit

To promote her film Jayamma Panchayathi

Week 9:Day 60

Yamuna (Shiva’s Sister)

Day 61

  • Guest:

Ravi Teja (Ariyana’s Friend)

Bala Chandra (Mithraaw’s Friend)

Durga (Akhil’s Mother)

Day 62

  • Guest:

Meharaj (Hamida’s Brother)

Swathi (Anil’s Sister)

Bhasker (Bindu’s Father)

  • Purpose of visit

Entered the house as a part of “BB Campus” Luxury Budget Task guest.

Day 63

  • Guest:

Gangadhar (Mithraaw’s Brother) and Siri Hanmanth from Bigg Boss 5 (Mithraaw’s Friend),

Ramulu and Abhimanika (Anil’s Father and Friend),

Abhi and Syed Sohel from Bigg Boss 4 (Akhil’s Friends)

Muggu and Devi Nagavalli from Bigg Boss 4 (Ariyana’s Friends)

Danush and Shanmukh Jaswanth from Bigg Boss 5 (Shiva’s Friends)

Nirmala (Bindu’s Mother) and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar (Bindu’s Friend)

  • Purpose of visit

To support the top 10 housemates and to predict the top 5 Finalists of the season.

Week 10

Day 65

  • Guest:

Siri Hanmanth from Bigg Boss 5

Day 66

  • Guest:

Maanas Nagulapalli from Bigg Boss 5

Day 67

  • Guest:

Ravi Kiran from Bigg Boss 5

Day 68

  • Guest:

Shanmukh Jaswanth from Bigg Boss 5

Day 69

  • Guest:

Sunny from Bigg Boss 5 – Winner

  • Purpose of visit

To conduct the Final Round of the Eviction Free Pass Task.

Week 11

Day 73

  • Guest:

Vishwak Sen, Ritika Naik, and Rukshar Dhillon

  • Purpose of visit

To promote their film Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam

Day 74

  • Guest:

Rajasekhar, Jeevitha, and Anup Rubens

  • Purpose of visit

To promote their film Sekhar

Day 75

  • Guest:

Anasuya Bharadwaj

Purpose of visit

To promote her show Super Singer Juniors

Day 76

  • Guest:

Taraka Ratna, Madhu Shalini, and Ravi Varma