If you’re looking for new movies on OTT to watch. This year OTT released thousands of movies and shows. In this article I’ve listed some of my favorite new releases from this year so far:

Drishyam 2 movie

Drishyam 2 movie is a Hindi Bollywood movie full of suspense and thriller. The main lead actor in this movie is Ajay Devgan he played his role very well. This movie is currently not available in OTT. But OTT released this movie as soon.  

If you love crime-based thriller movies and suspense movies then this movie is best for you. 

A Call to Spy

“A Call to Spy” is a Hollywood movie the main lead actors in this movie is Kristen Stewart, and Chris Pine. This movie is directed by respective directors Peter Landesman. This movie is a Hollywood romantic and family drama-based movie.

This action-thriller movie tells the story of a young woman who goes undercover to help her former CIA agent father find a Russian spy. As you might expect from two actors who were also in The Twilight Saga movies (Stewart and Robert Pattinson), this movie has plenty of romance thrown into it as well. It’s worth noting that while there are some elements of a political thriller here, they’re mainly focused on family drama. So if you’re looking for something more traditional in terms of genre or tone, this one won’t fit the bill quite as well!

Hope Gap

“Hope Gap” is a Netflix original film directed by Jill Soloway.

The movie stars Kate Mara as a woman who goes on a quest to find out why her sister disappeared years ago.

It’s available for streaming now on Netflix. Also, You can watch this movie on Purple Crystal OTT. This platform gives you a 1-month free subscription.

The Willoughbys

“The Willoughbys” is about a family that moves to a new town and has trouble fitting in. They’re different from the rest of their classmates, especially when it comes to their looks. The kids are bullied by other students at school, who don’t understand why they look or act differently than everyone else.

The movie explores some big themes: being different can be scary or even dangerous; bullying exists everywhere; expectations have power over our lives—especially if we let them!

Ghosts of War

Are you finding new movies on OTT then OTT accepts your request and released this amazing movie for you. Ghosts of War is a war movie that tells the story of soldiers who are sent to investigate a mysterious island. The film stars Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, and Frank Grillo. It was released on April 11th, 2019.

If you love thrilling action films with a twist then this one will be worth seeing!

The High Note

The High Note is a film about a jazz pianist who takes a job at a piano bar, where he meets an aspiring singer. The director is Alex Winters, and the cast includes Michael Madsen, Michael Rapaport, and Jesse Borrego. The movie will be released in 2019 on Netflix.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

This movie, which was originally announced as a sequel to Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire, will star Adam Lambert and Joe Jonas. It’s directed by Michael Bay, who has also directed Transformers 4 and Fast & Furious 8.

The film follows a group of contestants as they compete in an international singing competition (which is like American Idol).

These are some new shows and movies that are available on OTT.

Here are some of the most popular new movies on OTT.

  • Drishyam 2 movie
  • A Call to Spy (season 1)
  • Hope Gap (season 1)
  • The Willoughbys (season 1)
  • Ghosts of War (season 1)

The High Note is a TV show about music and its audience. It features interviews with musicians, behind-the-scenes footage from concerts, live performances by artists who appear in the series, and more. Fans can also access audio clips from each episode through Spotify or Apple Music; watch full episodes on demand via Amazon Prime Video; listen to interviews with musicians while they’re being recorded; purchase physical copies of DVDs if they prefer watching their favorite shows at home instead of online; download music tracks through iTunes so they can listen anywhere!


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