Rowdy Boys OTT is a new comedy about four boys who get into trouble. It was created by the same team that brought you Big Bad Wolf and Big Bad Wolves 2.

rowdy boys

Rowdy Boys is a comedy series produced by ABC TV. It stars Chris Lilley, Nathan Jones, and Matthew Humphreys. The show first screened on ABC1 in Australia on May 4, 2011. And has since been broadcast internationally across various countries including the USA (where it was acquired by Comedy Central), Canada (where it was acquired by Showcase), and Europe (where it has aired on Comedy Central).

The show follows the antics of three best friends who live in a fictional town called “Rowdy Boys. Where everyone behaves like a rowdy boy or girl.


  • Teatr – Comedy, Drama
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The comedy genre is often associated with a lot of things. But one thing that comes to mind when you think about comedy is a sitcom. A sitcom is essentially an hour-long program that follows the lives of characters in their daily activities. These shows typically have laugh-out-loud moments and many times will make fun of other media or popular culture icons. If you’re looking for something lighthearted and entertaining, then this type of show might be perfect for you!


Another popular genre among OTTs is drama. Drama programs focus on real situations happening around them rather than fictional ones like comedies do. However they still maintain some formality within their storylines as well so there are still some aspects of seriousness involved within each episode itself! In addition to these two main genres, there are several other subgenres such as romance/dramedy (romantic comedy), action/adventure etcetera…



The first season of Rowdy Boys OTT was released on June 12th, 2018. The drama revolves around three best friends who have many common interests and hang out together in their free time. The friendship between them is strong because they are all quite different from each other but share a common bond when it comes to love or romance. They often find themselves at odds with one another over their choices in life as well as the way other people treat them, which means that there will be plenty of drama for you to enjoy!


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Rowdy Boys OTT

Rowdy Boys OTT is a comedy-drama series that tells the story of three best friends: Ashwin, Jack, and Danny. The three have been friends since high school, but now they have grown up and moved on with their lives. They are all working in different positions at a bank in Johannesburg where they meet again by chance when one night Ashwin gets drunk while having dinner with his girlfriend (who was also present). His girlfriend leaves him alone at home to go downstairs for something important that she needs to do there so he decides not even try getting outta bed because sleeping would be useless anyways so instead he just sits down on his sofa which happens to be very comfortable because it has lots of pillows!

He watches TV until he finally falls asleep; only then does he realize what time it is…


Rowdy boys’ OTT is a very good drama. You can watch it on Netflix, YouTube, or any other streaming site.