OTT releases this week: Okay, it’s time for a break. You’ve been working hard and you deserve some rest! We’ve got a nice collection of new content this week, so sit back and relax with this week’s new releases.

Paatal Lok

Paatal Lok is a new TV show that follows the lives of a family in rural India. The show will be available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this week.

The great Indian kitchen

OTT releases this week: The Great Indian Kitchen is a cooking show that follows celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor as he travels across India to explore its rich culinary heritage. Each episode takes viewers on a culinary journey through different regions, while also exploring the history behind each region’s cuisine.

The show was created by the same team behind Food Network’s Iron Chef America, including executive producer Preeti Mistry (who also executive produces Food Network’s Next Iron Chef).

The Great Indian Kitchen is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK with more territories coming soon!

Ok computer

OTT releases this week : Ok Computer is a 2001 British-American film directed by Angad Kapoor, written by Tony Grisoni, and based on the album of the same name by British alternative rock band Radiohead. It stars Daniel Day-Lewis as an unhinged doctor whose wife becomes increasingly disturbed by his behavior. The film also features Jessica Chastain and Josh Brolin in supporting roles as two nurses who try to help him recover from his illness, as well as Ben Whishaw playing Thom Yorke’s fictional twin brother Ed Salter Jr., who appears on the screen briefly at the end of the film (and later reappears via archive footage).

The story centers around a young couple who move into a new house together with their newborn son; however, once they arrive everything seems wonderful until one day when strange things start happening around them…

some great content this week!

The Great Indian Kitchen is a new series that follows the lives of five Indian women and their families. Paatal Lok is an adaptation of one of the most popular Hindi novels, Paatal Lok by Dr. Kafeel Ahmad Khan. The film stars Aditi Rao Hydari and director is Abhishek Kapoor (who also wrote and directed KAHLA).

OK Computer is a documentary about Radiohead’s 1996 album “OK Computer.” It explores how this album changed music history, with interviews from Thom Yorke and other band members as well as critics who have reviewed it over its 20-year lifespan


I hope you enjoyed all of these new releases! If you’re looking for something new, we have some suggestions: Ok Computer is a great album that I recommend listening to before going out this weekend. The great Indian kitchen is also a great choice if you want an easy appetizer recipe and some fun cooking videos. And finally, Paatal Lok, which is perfect for those who want something more challenging than just watching Netflix or reading your favorite book ever again.